Friday, 8 March 2013


Hi there, I'm Joel and I'm a Computer Games Programming student at the University of Derby in the UK. I'm creating this blog not only to share the progress of my work but also to work as a semi portfolio to show future potential employers.

Currently I am working on a team project under the group name Indiecisive Studios (see what we did there?). The project is a game called 'Venture', a Hack and Slash Action Adventure Survival Game with Role Playing Game Elements in a world that is based on random terrain, item and dungeon generation, The aim of the game is to finish with the highest score possible, whether that is decided on time survived, items gained or enemies slain is still a work in progress. Venture will use the Unity3D game engine and we will be coding in C# for the most part.

My main focus so far has been to create a dungeon that is randomly generated. The methods I use to do this were up to me and for now this blog will showcase how i am progressing towards that goal. I will also mention occasionally the progress of my team and how we work together to create 'Venture'.

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